Teiji Tominaga is the Executive Vice President for Co-creation Strategy, Disaster Reconstruction and Regeneration of Tohoku University and a professor at the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine.

Specially Appointed Professor (Management)
Director of Science Park Management
Kenichi YAMADA

Professor Yamada holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the School of Engineering, Tohoku University. After working for Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc., he joined the Sendai City Office in April 1999. He worked in the waste sector of the Environmental Bureau. He was also dispatched to the Waste and Recycling Department of the Ministry of the Environment. Thereafter, he was in charge of the removal of all industrial waste through administrative subrogation. Also, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, he quickly took charge of debris removal operations (mainly for the disposal of damaged vehicles).

After transferring to the Economic Affairs Bureau, his main task was to attract companies in the region. He was in charge of R&D-oriented companies and also served as a specially appointed associate professor at the Research Planning Office, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University. As section chief and section manager, he successfully attracted companies such as Philips Japan, and Ericsson Japan, to name a few. His achievements also include establishing an industrial cluster around Sendai Port, which has recovered from the disaster.In April 2022, he started the current position at Tohoku University.

I will be fully committed to this project, which aims to create social value by Tohoku University collaborating with corporations, local governments, and the financial industry, for creating global impact from Sendai in Tohoku.

Specially Appointed Professor (Management)
Yoshiko NARITA

Graduated from Tohoku University’s Faculty of Law; Officially Certified Business Manager, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Executive Supervisor of Department of Economy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Director of the International Planning Division, Miyagi Prefectural Government-Attracting foreign investment, air routes (2005-2007 Hong Kong Cathay, Taiwan Ever), Regulatory reform (2018 long-term care insurance law revision), Aging society policy planning (2017 IoT-based home care systems, utilization of Android care with Dr.Ishiguro of Osaka University, training of foreign caregivers who can understand Japanese dialects), concluding the first nanotech MOU in Japan between the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the Miyagi Government. Supporting Tohoku University researchers to participate in matching with almost 100 companies in total at MEDICA.

I also serve as the first JETRO innovation desk within universities in Japan. I conduct interviews with professors to realize their requests for such matters as joint research or cooperation with overseas companies and to attract R&D to our Science Park, promoting the subsidies and business environment of local governments.

Please take a chance through the various opportunities available. For example, an EU program that was adopted last year provided 1 billion JPY to our professor team, and enjoy matching with excellent companies from overseas !

Concurrent Faculty Members

Dr. Nakagawa is Professor of Clinical Research, Innovation, and Education at Tohoku University Hospital (CRIETO) and Assistant to the Hospital Director for Industry Alliance and Technology Introduction, in Sendai, and a visiting Professor at Toho University, Tokyo. He also serves as Project Officer of the Research Program on Practical Application of Health Technology for Developing and Emerging Countries at the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), and is also Co-Director of Japan Biodesign. He serves as attending physician for Neurosurgery and Emergency Medicine. He trained on a Neurotrauma Clinical Fellowship at UCSF and at San Francisco General Hospital. He was trained at the Global Faculty at Stanford Biodesign and he serves as Director for the ASU clinical immersion program since 2014 (more than 46 companies and 1500 industry researchers have participated). He received his degree for medical applications of shock waves from the Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University. He is serving as the project manager for several projects including class III surgical devices for clinical trials using pulsed water jets, cell searching engines, and IoT electrical electrodes. His awards include an Ogino Award from the Japanese Society of Biomedical Engineering and a Makino Award from the Japanese Society of Neurotraumatology.

Concurrent Faculty Members
Specially Appointed Professor (Management)
Yusuke ABE

Professor Abe holds a Master’s degree in Information Engineering from the School of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology Graduate School. He worked for a system integrator company, and involved in system development for information and communication and retail customers. He was also engaged in planning and development of cloud services, business development utilizing technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data analysis, as well as industry-academia-government collaboration.

Since April 2022, he has started working as a specially appointed professor at Intelligent Information System research center of Tohoku University.

With my knowledge and experience of ICT industry, I will combine the seeds created by Tohoku University with industry, academia, government, and resources to solve regional issues toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Administrative Section

Science Park Management Section,Special Business Strategy Office,Industry-University Cooperation Department