Internationalization is a key part of Tohoku University’s activities, and we collaborate with our various partners in many ways. Through access to our world-class research, innovative environment and technology expertise, we can provide a wide range of opportunities to contribute to your company or organization. We can discover the greatest possible benefits available to both parties.

What is the Jetro
Innovation Desk?

Tohoku University and JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in 2017, and this cooperation has since strengthened to a higher level with the establishment of a JETRO Innovation Desk (JID) in June 2020.

This is the first JID located on university premises in Japan, and Tohoku University has decided that it should be one of the functions of the newly created Center for Co-Creation Strategy. The center creates shared values through the promoting of strategic business development and research collaboration.

Benefitting from both Tohoku University and JETRO’s global network, the JID actively helps to support and develop international collaborative research projects, technology transfer, the internationalization of university startups and spin-offs, as well as international business partnerships.

There will be an acceleration in the reshoring of manufacturing back to Japan in the post Covid-19 era, and Tohoku University will play a central role in creating a diverse, global, and innovative R&D ecosystem to solve unforeseen global challenges.

The JID coordinates new co-creation activities with overseas corporations, universities, local governments, and enterprises, aiming to create new businesses and develop services as well as to develop international research collaborations that lead to tight and strong partnerships that provide mutual benefits. Tohoku University’s expertise is promoted throughout the world and various matching opportunities are offered.

Our Global Network

Collaborate With Us

For researchers, startups, established businesses and organizations that are working towards collaborative research and business development, we can help you to connect with the right partner(s) using our local and global network.

Thanks to our close relationship with local governments, we can support local businesses when they wish to attend major international trade fairs and conferences, and these can result in concrete business and research collaborations. Since the establishment of the JID, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have arranged a wide range of matching opportunities beneficial to both researchers and international companies.

The Right

By providing support for international collaborative research and business partnerships, we help you to accelerate your growth and R&D, giving you access to opportunities and networks that enable you to meet the right people.

Expand To
New Markets

We offer connections and opportunities for scaling up Tohoku University startups and spin-offs that create innovative technologies to an international level, thereby contributing to the creation of new global business.

Enter Our

Our close cooperation with local governments makes it possible to provide comprehensive packages from office space to subsidies, as well as university facilities and services to help with the starting of businesses or R&D in the area.

Our Students

Our students come from all over Japan and the world, and they have excellent competitiveness and skills. We are open for discussions and can help you to engage with our students to raise awareness of businesses and we can find options that fit your needs.

For presentation slides of international industry-academia collaboration of Center for Co-Creation Strategy, you can download from here.